About our Beta website

We’re creating a brand new website to share the Support for Fathers project. Our beta website helps us deliver and test new designs and solutions with real, rewritten content and we release updates regularly.

You can tell us what you think about our beta website along the way. This helps us to make sure our changes are working and we keep improving. So please send us an email.

Our beta process

We use the following process to release new functionality and move content to our new beta website:

  1. analyse
  2. restructure
  3. rewrite
  4. design and build
  5. release
  6. get feedback
  7. improve

We follow the Australian Federal Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) service design and delivery process and Digital Service Standard. We also use a number of other industry standards, guidelines and best practices.

Get involved

You can help us make our new website better for dads and families. Please send us an email.