Working with Dads training

Working with Dads training runs regularly via Relationships Australia Victoria’s training courses. Sign up now and get yourself ready to work with dads. We deliver this training face-to-face and online across Australia.


Want to run Working with Dads at your work?

Support for Fathers runs in-house training for organisations, workplaces, networks and community groups. Take advantage of the benefits of doing training just for you and your colleagues. We come to you and make the training work for your community. We deliver this training face-to-face and online across Australia.

Get in touch and send us an email to find out more.

What's in the training?

The Working with Dads training supports you to gain knowledge, practical advice and strategies to engage dads and families in positive and effective ways.

You’ll learn in depth about our fatherhood resources and professionals’ toolkit and you will:

  • Know what makes dads important
  • Understand different ways to be a dad
  • Learn about dad-focused programs, research and work across Australia
  • Promote to dads effectively
  • Support dads to create positive family relationships
  • Build a dad-focused service
  • Understand the issues for dads working from home
  • Plan for future work with dads