A family with a mum, dad and three children, walking towards a barn in an open field

What is Support for Fathers?

Support for Fathers is providing dads with options and information about fatherhood, the relationship with their partner and connecting with their kids.

We are also enabling support services to work with dads and families more thoughtfully by providing a toolkit to engage dads.

Our aim

For dads to:

  • Learn more about the importance of their role as dads and partners
  • Have options based on real dads, evidence and practical strategies
  • Improve their confidence as dads and partners
  • Role-model healthy and respectful relationships within their family and community
  • Have more positive experiences with support services
  • Experience support services that are focused on the needs of dads.

To do all of the above, Support for Fathers has developed:

  1. Resources for dads
  2. A Professionals’ Toolkit for support services working with dads and families.

Who we are?

Relationships Australia Victoria, a not-for-profit, community organisation providing family and relationship support services, is funded by the Department of Social Services as part of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 to deliver the Support for Fathers project.

For more information, go to our About page.