DadTalk is dads catching up with other dads, sharing stories and learning from each other – which is great for dads and their kids. There’s no agenda, just a chance to talk and listen about fatherhood and family life.

We asked dads, families and support services about how dads have conversations about fatherhood in Australia. This is what they told us1:

  • Dads want to talk about fatherhood
  • Dads mostly talk to their partner and friends
  • Dads are not talking to their own parents
  • Dads want to talk to other dads in their community.

So, if you’re looking for motivation and ideas to help DadTalk happen, start here.


Where and when?

DadTalk happens anywhere dads can catch up and have a chat. Dads can connect with other dads in person, using a phone or through social media.

For example, DadTalk can happen at home, at a café, in the park, while pushing the pram, at the gym, or at work. It can take place on the phone, via text messaging, through online forums and on social media.

DadTalk can also happen at any time, day or night – whatever works for the dads involved. Easy access to technology means that dads can stay in touch more easily.

Getting started

  • Think about the dads in your family and community
  • Catch up with a dad and have a DadTalk
  • Join a dads’ group and have a DadTalk
  • Look up what’s happening for dads in your community
  • If you want to DadTalk with someone, go for it!

Challenges to DadTalk

  • Finding other dads for DadTalk can be hard
  • Not everyone wants to DadTalk, even other dads.

Good times and tough times

Dads are happy to tell other dads when their kids are doing great. But when things are tough, dads are less likely to talk about what’s going on. Help yourself and help other dads by talking about the tough times.

For example, when your baby is not sleeping, about toddler meltdowns, a child struggling at school or your teenager not talking to you.

Support DadTalk

No matter who you are or where you are, you can support DadTalk by listening to a dad, asking questions about fatherhood and keeping the DadTalk going.



  1. (2019) Support for Fathers national survey. Melbourne: Relationships Australia Victoria.