Dads at work

Dads at work involves dads, in the same workplace, getting together and sharing stories about fatherhood.

We’re talking about dads:

  • Getting a coffee or grabbing lunch
  • Booking in time to have a chat
  • Making it a regular thing.


Support for Fathers is encouraging dads to simply get together and share dad stories with no set agenda. What gets discussed is up to the dads in the group.

If dads want something more to talk about, here are some ideas:

  • Becoming a dad and returning to work
  • Laugh about how little sleep everyone gets!
  • Relationships at home
  • Cry about how frustrating toddlers can be!
  • Managing the balance between work and family.


We want to give dads the opportunity to connect with others dads in the same way mums can in a mums’ group.

For workplaces, giving dads the time and space to do this is a great way to recognise their employees as dads and support these dads and their families in the workplace.

The aim of dads at work is for:

  • Dads in the workplace to feel supported in their role as a dad and as an employee
  • Dads to connect, talk and learn with other dads through workshops and catch-ups
  • Workplaces to better understand the important role of dads and how they can support their employees
  • Workplaces to offer time during work hours for dads to attend workshops and catch ups with other dads.


Want to do more?

We suggest providing dads with fatherhood workshops. Use the Support for Fathers resources to guide the workshops. Download these to get started: